Who We Are


The TAMID Group is a global organization that provides members with an experiential business learning experience through engaging with insightful professionals and innovative firms working in Israel. TAMID has over 2500 members belonging to 60 chapters at universities such as Harvard, MIT, and UC-Berkeley.


The TAMID Group chapter at Middlebury was admitted in June 2021 after a successful application. Our chapter is an inclusive student organization that is a natural fit for anyone interested in pursuing a career in finance, consulting, or technology.


Over the coming year we plan to initiate a comprehensive business education program, hold guest speaker events, and undertake consulting projects for our two client firms - Herzog Fox & Neeman and Techsalerator. 

Middlebury Stacked White.png


Jason Schneiderman

Director of Fund

Nikhil Sachar

Director of Education

Ben Lesch

Project Manager

Harris McCartney

Director of Marketing

Aaron Tobias

Director of Consulting

Amy Delman

Director of Operations

Ken Deng

Project Manager

Jason Berger

Director of Relations

Each consulting team typically includes at least one senior consultant that works with the project manager to lead each project.